Get your hands on a laptop or tablet for the patient. If you don't have one, ask a friend or family member if you can borrow theirs. It just has to be in working condition!

On the patients device, download the app 

"House Party". Create an account for the patient.

Go to "settings" on the device. Disable the password/passcode on the device. Go to display settings & turn Auto-Lock OFF. Disable any screensaver or sleep setting. *This is so that the patients screen doesn't shut off & you will be able to video chat them at any time.

Now, set up an account for yourself on your device. You can use a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Once you've set up your account, open the app on your device. Click the (+) symbol in the top right corner. Click "Add New Friends", "Add by Name". Search for the patient's username that you created in step 2. Lastly, go to the patient's device and accept the friend request. This will either automatically pop up on the screen or you can click the smiley face in the top left of screen to see friend requests.

When you take the device to the hospital, make sure you have a working charger, an extension cord and a tablet stand (if needed). If you don't have a tablet stand, a picture frame holder also works well. 



In a time in which we're told to isolate & be apart...

We aim to help loved ones overcome social isolation - especially those in the hospital during the COVID-19 crisis - by supplying them with donated tablets/iPads to connect them with their family via video chat!  For assistance setting up your device or if you have any questions, please contact us below!

Lacy T: 502.381.2606 | Jenna F. 502.689.1005

Important Notes: Regarding step #4 - accept as many friends on the patients device as you can prior to dropping it off to the hospital. You can only START a video chat with the patient if the patient has accepted you as a friend. If you're not a friend of the patients, you will not be able to join the chat room unless you have a mutual friend in the chat room. For example, You are friends with the patient on House Party. Your daughter wants to join the chat, but the patient has not accepted your daughters friend request. If you and your daughter are friends on House Party, she can JOIN the chat with you and the patient, but she will not be able to START a chat with only her and the patient.

Make sure you get permission from the staff/nurses to drop off the device. Per their policies, they may have to get permission from managers, etc. The nurse will have to receive the device, sanitize it, bring it to the patients room, plug the device in, turn the device on, connect to WIFI and open the House Party App. Once the app is opened, the patient will be "online". This is when you can go on the app and find the patients username. To chat with the patient, click "join". The patient doesn't have to accept the call or click anything - the video chat will automatically start. 



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